‘Talk About It’ 3 Year Anniversary!!! TO THE TOP…!!! (Download)

First off…HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my first album ‘TALK ABOUT IT’! 3 years ago, it was a fine day for me and Hip Hop! I would air this post out speakin’ on the process of gettin’ this album to the masses…but yeah…!!

On the flip of this…I’m releasin’ my new jam ‘TO THE TOP…!!!’…produced by Ill Clinton. Hopefully yall dig it and…yeah. Share it w/ ya folks and play it A MILLION TIMES!!! I’m gonna attempt to start a ‘movement’ w/ this…so feel free to say ‘TO THE TOP…!!!’ everytime you speak *laughs*! Video/stickers/shirts/etc. comin’ soon… 

*click promo picture to listen*…I drew that y’all…story behind that later…

…last add on…this is the 100th post on mralpete.com!!!  3 is definitely a charm y’all…*clink*!!  Thanks to the ‘Muse’ for the development of this site and thanks to EVERYONE that subscribed/shared with friends/made this link their favorite/etc.! 

Evelyn FLOW… TO THE TOP…!!!



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