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Mr. Al Pete featured on Indieon65!

Big ups to the good folks @ www.indieon65.wordpress.com for their continued support or Mr. Al Pete!  Check ’em out!


Mr. Al Pete write up in Movement Magazine!

Big ups to MOVEMENT MAGAZINE for the nice write up!  Make sure you subscribe to their magazine at www.movementmagazine.com!  The digital copy is attached, hard copies will be available at Cafe 331 and other locations. Pass it along!!

New Song from Mr. Al Pete! Greyhound!!!

Yo!  Check out this new joint I did with Tri.ski the Transmitter…Greyhound!!!  Leave comments telling me what y’all think!  TO THE TOP!!!

AAA Album Release

This Saturday, come celebrate w/ the AAA Team: Rodney P. Beats of Average Jo Productions, Alias of Something Epic Ent. & Mr. Al Pete of GrownFolk Ent. as they release the album ‘AAA’!

8pm, Poppy Love Smoke (112 E. Adams St., Jacksonville, FL), $7 (includes copy of CD)! Performances by P. Pluck, The IGive, Kassious Klay, DJ Monsta, Reformed Butterfly, & more!! Yall don’t wanna miss it!!

Musicians and Models…this Friday!!!

This Friday folks, 2.18…I’ll be performin’ at MUSICIANS AND MODELS!!  Hosted by D.I.M.E. & Wallstreet Promotions!  They blessed me w/ a guest list so if you would like to attend, please email me at mralpete@gmail.com and put your government name (for ID purposes)!  Make sure you do this by Thursday!

Music by DJ Tru Story, great networkin’ atmosphere!!  This is open to everyone involved in the Duval County music/entertainment scene and to everyone else…so tell a friend, come check out a dope show and good vibe!!

Mr. Al Pete…LIVE!!!

Good day/evenin’ folks?!  I’m a new client of Afton shows right…and they basically help out w/ bookin’ shows for me in Jacksonville and in other cities/states.  My first show will be this Sunday in Atlanta, performin’ alongside Tru.ski and other A-Town residents.  Second show will be in Jacksonville on the 25th.  Now here’s the thing, to keep me goin’ w/ this company, I have to show them that I can sell some tickets (I believe 15)…you know…so it’ll be a good look for me to the agents.  I know it’s last minute AND it’s out of town but if you could purchase a ticket to one or either both of the shows so that it’ll look good on me and hopefully it’ll bring me towards bigger and better venues/opportunities/etc.  Tickets at $9 w/ tax…If you know folks in Atlanta/Jacksonville that would love to go, hook ’em up w/ a ticket and tell ’em to come enjoy some cool tunes!!  Here are the links:  Atlanta, GA show: 2.20: https://tickets.aftonshows.com/MrAlPete3 and Jacksonville, FL show: 2.25: https://tickets.aftonshows.com/MrAlPete2
Any questions, comments, concerns, etc., hit me up…if you can’t purchase one, that’s cool.  We can still be friends *laughs*…seriously, if you purchase one or 8, dope.  If not, it’s cool as well.  Just tryin’ to explore more avenues for my music to grow at and to.  Cool?…cool.
GrownFolk Entertainment… TO THE TOP!!!!!!!!

Hard to See is Here!

Yo!  Peep the video for Hard to See from the AAA (Alias, Average Jo Productions, Al Pete) album, directed by Notsucal!  Dope stuff, y’all!

Tonight! We’re celebrating the like of James “J Dilla” Yancey @ Cafe 331!!!




Come Party w/ me & my folks SUPERBOWL weekend!!!

Great mornin’, great people!  Hope everyone is stayin’ dry on this rainy Thursday mornin’!  Good thing is, the rain should clear up just in time for the weekend and for SUPERBOWL SUNDAY….*crowd goes wild*!!!  Check out the flyers below for details on the haps for this weekend.  Tomorrow, 2/4/11,  myself and my 3045 Family will be celebratin’ @ Cafe 331 for my brother, Dr. Sam Beckett’s birthday & 3045 TV’s 1 year anniversary on the air!  On Saturday, 2/5/11, we got the Slow Jam Edition of The Glossary @ Poppy Love Smoke and y’all KNOW how those goes down…get there early!  Then we’re gonna rap the weekend up with what will be the BEST SUPERBOWL PARTY in DUVAL @ Mill Cove Golf Clubhouse!  TELL A FRIEND…TELL A FRIEND!!!  Y’all don’t wanna miss these events!  See y’all there!

Hard to See video SNEAK PEAK!

Good day, good people…big thanks to everyone who came out for the Hard to See video shoot!!!  This joint is the first single from the AAA album from Alias, Average Jo Productions and Al Pete.  It was directed by man, Notsucal, with behind the scenes footage by the big homie, Rob Billups.  Check out the link for a collage of dope flicks, shot by Rob and be on the look out for the video soon!    Also, AAA album release coming to you in February, continue checking the site for details!  Once again, thanks for your continued support for myself, GrownFolk Ent and The Famili and as always…TO THE TOP…!!!


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